be.ez LA cover Allure for iPhone 5

be.ez, today extends its range to include a protective and custom fit LA cover Allure, specifically designed for the new iPhone 5.

Made with ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) the LA cover Allure for iPhone 5 is feather light with a weight of just 15.5g, but is still strong, providing maximum protection for the new smartphone. The ABS transparent sides improve hand grip, while remaining transparent to maintain its thin appearance. The La cover Allure for iPhone 5 is also easy to snap on and off, so cases can be changed with ease.

The LA cover Allure for iPhone 5 comes in both Allure Black and Allure Estival – an eye-catching, stripy design – that allows users to mix and match with other be.ez allure products.

The be.ez LA cover Allure is available from £19.95 now from

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